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Lift Line provides training and certification for forklifts, scissor lifts, and self-propelled boom lifts (Aerial Work Platform). Group pricing is available for our courses.

Forklift Training Certification

The Forklift Training and Certification course meets all the Ministry of Labour requirements in accordance with OHSA Regulation 851, Sub Section 51.1 and 51.2. The course entails a classroom session followed by an exam and practical evaluation – which is thorough in all aspects of lift truck operation and handling including propane cylinder handling. Upon successful completion of the written exam and practical evaluation, students will receive their Forklift Certification.

The classroom theory session covers the following aspects and is concluded with an exam:

  • All current legislation
  • Accident causes and prevention
  • Company policies
  • Workplace specific hazards
  • Use of operator manual
  • Lift truck features and safety equipment
  • Stability of a lift truck
  • Capacity plate knowledge
  • Pre-operational check procedure
  • Start up procedure
  • Relationship to operators’ compartment
  • Traveling with and without a load
  • Pedestrians
  • Safe operating of a lift truck
  • Load handling
  • Docks, truck and railcars
  • Indoor and outdoor ramps and grades
  • Personnel lifting and lowering
  • Elevators
  • Attended and unattended parking
  • Shut down procedure
  • Refueling training (LPG, gas, diesel and battery)
  • Site / equipment specific training
  • Classroom session ends with an exam

There is a practical evaluation, as per CSA Standard B335-04, 6.20.1-.3 where operators will do the following:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of parts of a lift truck
  • Demonstrate knowledge of capacity plate
  • Perform a pre-operational check
  • Review actual workplace hazards
  • Demonstrate start-up and shutdown procedure
  • Demonstrate operating skills
  • Demonstrate loan handling procedure and skills
  • Demonstrate proper use of horn and safety equipment
  • Demonstrate proper refueling procedure

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Scissor Lift & Boom Lift Training

Lift Line is a Certified Aerial Work Platform Training facility under the guidelines of the Skyjack Elevating Work Platforms Training Program. This program is generic in nature and covers all makes and models of both the scissor lift and self-propelled boom style AWPs.

Operator training includes:

  • Theory, practical and familiarization with components
  • In-depth theory and practical evaluations
  • Students receiving a detailed operator’s package

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